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Mikey Garcia Net Worth 2023, Salary, Endorsements, Cars, Houses, Properties, Charities, Etc.

He Fought in Four different Division and has been a Champion in all the divisions.

Mikey Garcia is a former American Professional Boxer and Silently retired from boxing in the year 2022. He is still regarded as the Retired Boxing Championship because of his amazing record of 40 wins and only 2 losses out of his 42 fights. The American Boxer was born on December 15, 1987, in California, United States. Not the tallest boxer but had an amazing reach of 68 inches as he was 5ft 6 inches tall and weighed around 60 kg. He competed in Featherweight, Super Featherweight, Lightweight, Light Welterweight, and Welterweight divisions in his 15 years of Boxing Career. He Fought in Four different divisions and has been a Champion in all the divisions. In this article, we will provide Mikey Garcia Net Worth 2023, Salary, Endorsements, Cars, Houses, Properties, Charities, Etc.    

Mikey Garcia Net Worth 2023

Mikey Garcia net worth is estimated to be more than $7 million as of 2023. He has made more than $10 million from his Boxing Career excluding his other earnings. He has also endorsed various brands like Reebok, Shark Wraps, and various others brands. Apart from all the above points he is also a part of Television Series and has played roles in Many movies and series.

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Mikey Garcia Earnings and Annual Income in 2023

Mikey Garcia has earned more than $10 million in his entire Boxing Career excluding his bonus and endorsements earnings as of 2023. The fighter was one of the best fighters in every division he competed. Once, the fighter earned more than $4 million for the fight against Errol Spence. He made around $1 million from his last fight against Emmanuel Tagoe.

Mikey Garcia Cars and Bike Collection

The Champion Boxer Mikey Garcia has one of the best car collections in the world. He owns various cars from Sports Cars to Supercars and Offroad Cars to Royal cars. As per reports he owns more than 12 cars in his legendary car collection.

  • Rolls Royce Phantom
  • Lamborghini Aventador SV
  • 2019 Lamborghini Aventador SV
  • Dodge Viper GTS-R
  • McLaren MSO-HS
  • McLaren 650s
  • Land Rover Defender
  • Ram TRX
  • Porsche
  • Audi

No information is available on the public domain of Bikes owned by him.

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Mikey Garcia House and Properties

Mikey Garcia lives in his Lavish Mansion in Oxnard where he moved in the year 2016 with his beautiful Family. The Mansion is 10 minutes away from the city and is surrounded by green trees and Birds. The Mansion has more than five rooms with three parking garages and ample open lawn space. Well, the valuation of the house is not known to the public domain.

Mikey Garcia Charities

Mikey Garcia loves to participate in Charity events and has shown his brightest side in helping the poor and needy. He also fought in various Charity fights to help young Children. Apart from his Boxing Events, he even funds some Charity organizations. 

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FAQ about Mikey Garcia’s Net Worth and Money

Q: What is the net worth of Mikey Garcia in 2023?

Ans: Mikey Garcia’s Net Worth is estimated to be around $7 Million as of 2023.

Q: What is the salary of Mikey Garcia?

Ans: Mikey Garcia’s annual income is not known but he earned more than $1 million from his last fight

Q: Who is Mikey Garcia’s Wife?

Ans: Fatima Garcia is the wife of Mikey Garcia and has two children Django Garcia and Ryu Garcia.

Q: Which Companies and brands has Mikey Garcia endorsed?

Ans: Mikey Garcia has endorsed brands like SNAC Nutrition Supplements, Reebok, Shark Wraps, TSBY rainbow Clothing, and various other brands.

Q: What is the value of Mikey Garcia’s house?

Ans: Mikey Garcia currently lives in his lavish Mansion in Oxnard, United States, and the house valuation is not available in the public domain.

Q: What are the luxury Cars & Bikes Mikey Garcia owns?

Ans: Mikey Garcia owns Rolls Royce Phantom, Lamborghini Aventador SV, 2019 Lamborghini Aventador, Dodge Viper GTS-R, McLaren MSO-HS, McLaren 650s, Land Rover Defender, Ram TRX, Porsche, and Audi.

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