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Flawed Genius: Impact of Carmelo Anthony and Personal Reflections

Fans were not at all prepared for Melo's retirement. Carmelo Anthony was still in game shape and could bring a veteran scoring presence.

The Fans were not at all prepared for Carmelo Anthony’s retirement announcement. One, because fans thought he world and should play a few more years. Carmelo Anthony was still in game shape and could bring a veteran scoring presence to any team in NBA.

The second reason is as with Carmelo Anthony, or Melo, as he is known affectionately by his fans, there was no obvious inciting incident. Melo and the game seemed to drift apart and neither could give the other what they wanted.

The video Melo released showcasing his amazing journey from the gang-infested streets of Baltimore, to the mountaintop of Syracuse, To becoming ninth leading scorer in NBA history

Melo’s Wife views on her husband journey

She was not a Knicks fan before we met. Our first date was watching the 2016 NBA finals at Hooters. Watching her cheer for LeBron James and the underdog Cleveland Cavaliers in the glow of a 100 televisions over a pitcher of Miller Lite was the moment I fell in love with her. When we spoke for the first time on Monday morning, it was to discuss where I would be moving. I asked her if she would help me find an apartment, as she was so much better than me at finding a deal.

The first year we dated, Melo was still on the team, surrounded by players far inferior to him and under the misguided “leadership” of Phil Jackson, who disgraced Melo at every turn. Knowing how much both of them meant to me, she gifted me a loving and empathetic “I’m sorry.”

The acknowledgment that neither Melo nor I would experience the intimacy of winning was an unspoken understanding.

Carmelo Anthony
Carmelo Anthony

Carmelo Anthony Road to becoming NBA star

That Melo never won it all in the NBA was one of the reasons I defended him with such vigor.

I have always loved an underdog story, and Melo’s was one of the best. For those who have escaped poverty and are learning how to be, it was my Bible. Melo’s mistakes, chasing the bag, and “love him or hate him” persona resonated with me, perhaps too deeply.

Knicks fans have a mantra, “One a Knick, always a Knick.” With Melo, it was more than that. He was the one player I would always go to war for. I saw so many of my failures in him.

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Why Melo was favourite player of Fans?

He was a player who never won it all and will be remembered in equal measure for his failings. In that, too, I relate. I might not have married the girl of my dreams, but I take solace in knowing I’m not the only one who has fallen short of their goals.

When fans use to watched Melo on the court, Fans watch more than a player but I personally realized flaws and all. Melo is people’s favourite player because he is most relatable.

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