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Another NBA player after Kyrie Irving backs Sabrina Lonescu in the Steph vs Sabrina 3-Pointer contest

For the first time in basketball history, an NBA vs. WNBA 3-point challenge is scheduled in an All-Star game. Moreover, the contest will be between 3-pointer King Stephen Curry and Queen Sabrina Lonescu. It will be a Steph vs Sabrina 3-pointer contest, and things are expected to be competitive.

Fans and experts have picked their sides, and Kyrie Irving is one of them. Similarly, another NBA player after Kyrie Irving is backing Sabrina Lonescu in the NBA vs WNBA 3-pointer contest.

Kyrie Irving said:

“I am pulling for Sabrina Lonescu. No disrespect to Steph, but she holds the record.”

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And now, Klay Thompson said:

“I got the Bay Area’s finest, Sabrina, all day! She set a record last year. She is better than Steph. All day!”

Both players are known for 3-pointers. Moreover, when they score 3-pointers, it is one of the best views to watch. It will be a great contest between them during the All-Star Weekend. Following is the Stephen Curry vs Sabrina Lonescu 3-point contest format.

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Steph vs Sabrina 3-Pointer Contest Format

  • Four ball racks with four games and one “money” ball
  • The 5th rack will be a special “all-money ball.”
  • 2 starry range shots
  • Stephen Curry will shoot from the NBA line with NBA basketballs.
  • Sabrina Lonescu will shoot from the WNBA line with WNBA basketballs.

Shot Values

  • Game ball: 1 point
  • Money ball: 2 points
  • Starry range: 3 points

Which side are you on during the Stephen vs Sabrina 3-pointer challenge during the All-Star weekend?

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