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The Miami International Autodromo Circuit: Track, Drivers’ reaction and Expectations

Miami is the eleventh US venue to host a Formula One Grand Prix.

Fantastically warm weather, pristine beaches and an unequalled night life, Miami needs no description. Miami has a rich history of sports especially franchise sporting events. The latest addition being The Miami International Autodromo Circuit.

Miami has been the venue for five different major sport franchises. Miami Dolphins in the field of National Football League, Miami Heat in National Basketball Association. Florida Panthers represents the city in National Hockey League. Others are Miami Marlins in Major League Baseball and Inter Miami FC in Major League Soccer. Miami is host to various other small franchises also.

Miami opens the possibilities to various forms of profit. Formula One counts on Miami to return on investments. It is without a doubt a haven for entertainment. There merges different forms of pop and other forms of enjoyment.

Formula 1 Circuits in United States of America

Following Indianapolis, Sebring, Riverside, Watkins Glen, Long Beach, Las Vegas, Detroit, Dallas, Phoenix, and Circuit of The Americas in Austin, Miami will be the eleventh place in the United States where Formula 1 has raced.

No country had that many F1 venues as United States of America. In total, between the ten above-mentioned venues, there has been seventy one Grand Prix Races. Miami will become the first Grand Prix to take place in a predominantly African American place.

Miami is the second venue in Florida to host a race. A race held in 1958 made Sehring the first venue in Florida to host an F1 match. Currently along with Austin, Miami will be the other American Grand Prix venue until Vegas joins next year.


The Final Miami Autodrome Complex

The track will be 5.41 kilometers long, with 19 corners, three straights, and the potential for three DRS zones. The track which encourage close racing with safety standards is centered around Hard Rock Stadium, a multi-purpose sports and entertainment complex that has held six Super Bowls, two World Series of Baseball, and numerous rock concerts.

The course, which will have a top speed of roughly 320km/h (198mph), will have a street circuit feel. It’s comparable to Melbourne’s gorgeous Albert Park, which hosts the Australian Grand Prix.

The layout, on the other hand, will be more akin to a permanent circuit. Although the terrain is mostly flat, there are some minor undulations that designers have incorporated into the circuit.

Between Turns 13 and 16, the track travels over an exit ramp and through multiple flyovers across uneven ground. This results in the most significant elevation change. The Turn 14-15 chicane, for example, has an uphill approach, a crest in the midst of the chicane, and then a drop on exit.

What drivers are saying about Miami International Autodromo Circuit

Alfa Romeo’s Bottas says that it looks good on paper. He says that the track has some pretty long straights as well as good overtaking areas. He believes it will be as good as in the real life.

Sergio Perez thinks that the race would be pretty amazing. He adds that some regions are difficult to read and there will be some visibility issues in the same. However, he looks forward to a good race and nice result.

Pierre Gasly who have tried the circuit tells that its very awesome and its going to an adventure. He adds taht he is already fond of the layout. He adds that the long corners will be challenging and he expects an amazing race.

Yuki Tsunoda is however a little worried about the traffic jam that might happen in case of a safety car. He notes that the corners are pretty tight.

People expect the Miami crowd to come up as well as the asphalt gods to work well. The race has to go good as Formula One have invested a lot of time and money here. Miami has a reputation to live up to, They have to prove their position in the season calendar. F1’s new tracks have been both at good and bad ends. Baku and Austin were highly praised while Yeongam and Sochi were given bad remarks. Miami is also a test project for Vegas, even though Vegas is fixed. The chances of Vegas working out depends on how Miami works this weekend. Miami has to live up to expectations and fingers crossed, I hope it does.

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