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Red Bull F1 team mastermind Adrian Newey is impressed with RB20’s performance

Last season was completely dominated by the Red Bull F1 team. They won 21 Grand Prix and both championships convincingly. RB19 was a beast and did the unimaginable. They produced the best car in F1 history, and most of the credit goes to their mastermind, Adrian Newey.

However, the team decided to make major changes to the design and side pods for the 2024 season despite having the best car. It was a big gamble, and things could have ended on the other side.

Moreover, things weren’t that promising during the pre-season testing sessions. But when it came down to qualifying and racing, the RB20 turned out to be a beast. Max Verstappen began the season with a Grand Slam, and Sergio Perez finished second.

Looking at RB20’s performance at the Bahrain Grand Prix, Adrian Newey said:

“I have to say that it was unexpected. We weren’t satisfied with the car and the gap we had in practice, but in the race, everything went right.”

The Red Bull F1 team went home with the highest points and began the 2024 season with a big statement. Max Verstappen finished the race with a 22+ second gap from the runner-up, Sergio Perez. He was four seconds ahead of the second driver on the fifth lap of the race.

Moreover, he led all laps of the Bahrain Grand Prix and overlapped ten drivers on the grid. Similarly, Sergio Perez, who started fifth in the race, finished second.

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One more interesting fact:

Verstappen won last season’s Bahrain Grand Prix with a gap of 11.987 seconds between the runner-up (Checo). This year, he finished the race with a gap of 22.457 seconds between the runner-up (Checo).

It is fair for Red Bull to say, ‘one down and 23 left to conquer’. Did Adrian Newey produce a beast that can conquer the entire 2024 season? Let us know your views in the comment section.

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