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QDRNT: Lando Norris drops his latest Off-Road Apparel Collection

Quadrant combines the content, gaming, lifestyle, and apparel interests of the young Brit Lando Norris. The organization is acting with an aim to combine his real-world sporting interests and his expanding online ventures. Merchandise is one of the biggest influencing trends of the latest scenarios. It is in this vision that Lando and his team has released the new off-road limited collection QDRNT.

QDRNT includes 2 Hoodies, couple of full sleeves, a couple of half-sleeves, one knicker, a trucker cap, a water bottle, and a pair of socks. The hoodies are acquisitive and eye-catching. The hoodies and other collections are exclusively shipped to Europen union and USA.

The Black Hoodie and the Forest Hoodie are both of 95 American Dollars. Both are pouched in the front and uniquely designed with swishes and sprinkles. The forest hoodie as one can see is a shade of very dark green perching a littel away from going all-black.

The full sleeves both cost $54 dollars. The Natural L/S Tee is a off white tee embedded with violet graphics in both sides. Then, The collection has a similar couloured tee as the forest hoodie. In the normal half sleeved t-shirts, the collection offers a pure black and also a violet tee. The latter is more lilac than a perfect violet actually. Both of them costs $35 dollars.

The knickers which cost 65 dollars is the same colour as the lilac tee. The knicker and the tee makes a great combination. Lando wearing them is one of our favourites from the collection pictures.

How to buy the QDRNT Off-Road Collection?

Head over to the official site of Quadrant where they have enough options to help you purchase. However, much to our dismay, almost all products except the black hoodie at-re out of stock

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