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Euro Cup winners list: Know which nation has won the most titles

The Euro Cup is a European football championship tournament organized by UEFA. The tournament is a leap-year tournament and takes place after four years. The top 24 European nations competed against each other after qualifying through different groups. It all began in 1960, when the first tournament took place, and this year is going to be the 17th tournament.

The Soviet Union (Russia) was the inaugural champion of the tournament, whereas the current Euro Cup champions are Italy. So far, the tournament has had 10 different champions. Now you might have thought, Which nation has won the most Euro Cup titles? So let’s take a look at the Euro Cup winners list and know which nation has won the most titles.

Euro Cup winners list

Years Winners Scores Runner-ups
1960 Russia 2-1 Yugoslavia
1964 Spain 2-1 Soviet Union
1968 Italy 2-0 Yugoslavia
1972 Germany 3-0 Soviet Union
1976 Czechoslovakia 2-2 (5-3 in penalty) Germany
1980 Germany 2-1 Belgium
1984 France 2-0 Spain
1988 Netherlands 2-0 Soviet Union
1992 Denmark 2-0 Germany
1996 Germany 2-1 Czech Republic
2000 France 2-1 Italy
2004 Greece 1-0 Portugal
2008 Spain 1-0 Germany
2012 Spain 4-0 Germany
2016 Portugal 1-0 France
2020 Italy 1-1 (3-2 in penalty) England

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Nations with the most Euro Cup titles

Nation Titles Runners-up Years won Years runners-up
Germany 3 3 1972, 1980, 1996 1976, 1992, 2008
Spain 3 1 1964, 2008, 2012 1984
Italy 2 2 1968, 2020 2000, 2012
France 2 1 1984, 2000 2016
Russia 1 3 1960 1964, 1972, 1988
Czech Republic 1 1 1976 1996
Portugal 1 1 2016 2004
Netherlands 1 1988
Denmark 1 1992
Greece 1 2004
Serbia 2 1960, 1968
Belgium 1 1980
England 1 2020

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Germany and Spain have won the Euro Cup three times, which is the most by any nation. Germany has played in six finals and won three of them. Whereas, Spain has played in four finals and won three of them.

In third place, we have Italy and France with two titles each. Italy has played in four finals and has won two of them. On the other hand, France has played in three finals and has won two of them.

Other nations like Russia, Czech Republic, Portugal, Netherlands, Denmark, and Greece have won the title once each. The tournament has witnessed 10 different winners, and this year may have a new winner on the list.

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