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“Miami Dolphins is the best team in the American Football Conference!” says Tyreek Hill

The 2024 NFL season has been one of the most competitive as well as one of the most dominant. The National Football Conference has completely witnessed domination by the Philadelphia Eagles, who have only lost one game. They are just a few wins away from qualifying for the 2024 Divisional Championship and have proven to be the best team in the National Football Conference.

Whereas, when we take a look at the American Football Conference, four teams have dominated, i.e., the Miami Dolphins, the Kansas City Chiefs, the Baltimore Ravens, and the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Well, in an interview, Robert Griffin III asked Tyreek Hill, Which is the best team in the AFC? And here is what he replied:

Tyreek Hill answered by saying,

“Miami Dolphins is the best team in the American Football Conference!”

He is the full statement:

“For sure, we are the best team in the AFC. The team that we have is built. You know to go the distance. When you look at our offense, we are number one statistically all across the board. When you look at our defense, those guys are improving every week. We have Terron Armstead; he is getting healthy; myself, Devon Achane, everybody is getting healthy. Jalen Ramsey, Oh my god! He is next level.”

To be honest, Tyreek Hill is completely right. They are currently ahead of everyone in the AFC and have lost only three games. Since their 70-20 victory against the Denver Broncos, things have completely changed their mindset. They have almost qualified for the 2024 playoffs and are one of the top teams to clinch the 2024 Super Bowl championship.

Can the Miami Dolphins win the 2024 Super Bowl championship? Only time will let us know. Till then, let’s take a look at their match results for the season.

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Miami Dolphins in the 2024 season

  • vs Chargers: 36-34 (win)
  • vs Patriots: 24-17 (win)
  • vs Broncos: 70-20 (win)
  • vs Bills: 20-48 (lost)
  • vs Giants: 31-16 (win)
  • vs Panthers: 42-21 (win)
  • vs Eagles: 17-31 (lost)
  • vs Patriots: 31-17 (win)
  • vs Chiefs: 14-21 (lost)
  • vs Raiders: 20-13 (win)
  • vs Jets: 34-13 (win)

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