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NFL Wild Card explained

The NFL 2023–24 season has started, and teams are fighting to make their place in the postseason game. A total of 32 teams compete against each other, and only 14 qualify for the NFL postseason. Well, out of the 14 teams, some make their way into the postseason as wildcard teams. Well, now you might have thought, which teams can be the wild-card teams? So let’s not wait any longer and learn about the NFL Wild card explained.

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NFL wild card explained

As you may know, there are two conferences in the NFL: the American Football Conference and the National Football Conference. Both conferences have 16 teams, which makes a total of 32 teams. As mentioned above, 14 teams qualify for the NFL postseason, out of which six make their place as wild-card teams. So who are these wild-card teams?

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Wild Card teams are those teams that make it to the NFL postseason without winning their division. This is done by winning the wild-card round of games. In the 2023–24 season, there are six wild card games, meaning 12 teams qualify for the wild card rounds. Among these 12 teams, six are the division winners of their respective divisions. Whereas the remaining six teams are wild-card teams. These six wild-card teams are selected based on their win-loss record in the current season.

Basically, the team with the most wins in the season will qualify for the postseason game; if not, they have a chance to play in the wild-card games.

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