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Racing Club Alters Badge to raise awareness about Testicular Cancer

The Racing Club de Avallaneda has won the Primera Division, the top flight soccer league in Argentina, a record 18 times

Argentine Football Team Racing Club de Avallaneda subtly doctored their club badge over weeks to raise awareness about Testicular Cancer.

The Buenos Aires-based outfit has made small changes to its logo in recent weeks, which is a light blue shield with three white vertical lines and the word “RACING” in white. The bottom of the right stripe now has a little lump that has been steadily growing larger over the past month.

The fans noticed the same and Initial reactions were negative in general. The ex-Racing Club forward Juan Ramon Fleita revealed the original message of the lump as an awareness to one of the forms of genital cancer through a social media video.

“It’s a good thing, to not let it slip. Detecting testicular cancer early saves lives,” Fleita said in the video.

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The subtlety is mirrored in the unrealized growth of lump in testicular cancer. The lump in the testicles is one of the first signs of Testicular Cancer and identification in the early stages can help curing upto a 98%.

The campaign was launched by the Racing Club in tie with Fuca – Cancer Education and Research Foundation based in Buenos Aires. Fleita says, “Testicular cancer can develop in just four weeks, that’s why we did a campaign over four weeks. There is nothing more sacred than our badge and nothing more important than looking after ourselves.”

“What happened to our badge can happen to your body, that’s why with Fuca we slowly altered the badge over the course of four weeks to generate awareness of what can happen with a lot of tumours. While no one noticed anything during the first few weeks, over the past days some noticed and grew worried and told us to do something.”

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