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Mesut Ozil Tattoo: How has Ozil landed in fresh new controversy?

In a whirlwind of unfolding events, the former German football virtuoso, Mesut Ozil, finds himself in a captivating controversy. This enigmatic 31-year-old luminary’s coach, Alper Aksaç, ingeniously unveiled a visual testament to their physical prowess, wherein both individuals bared their abdomens. Moreover, amongst this revelatory display, the Mesut Ozil generously offered his admirers a glimpse into his newly adorned tattoo.

On the 23rd of July, Tobias Huche, a German Journalist tweeted the above-mentioned picture of Ozil with his coach. Tobias zoomed in on the tattoo on Ozil’s chest which showed a grey woof and three crescents on a flag. The German journalist continued to explain that the tattoo represents the Nazi-Fascist Gray Wolves organization. Now who is The Gray Wolves Organisation?

The Gray Wolves Organisation established in the 1960s by Colonel Alparslan Turkes is known for its hate crimes against Kurds, Jews, and Christians. They are believed to be behind the Taksim Square Massacre and the attempted assassination of John Paul II in 1981. Widely regarded as a terrorist group, France and Austria have banned the group. Individually, The Wolf and the Crescent, both are quite popular symbols of Turkish people. The Turks believe that they descended from a gray wolf. The crescent moon is a popular iconography in Islamic nations.

Mesut, known to be a person of free speech has landed in a fresh pot of hypocrisy. His friendships with Turkey’s premier have already given him a certain identity in the past. If the allegations prove true, Mesut Ozil will find themselves in deep trouble, with the fans and the government. Also Read: Women’s Soccer: A Journey of Triumph and Transformation

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