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Fans and People around the world are hailing Norwich City FC after their strong #WorldMentalHealthDay Advert

Norwich City Football Club, affectionately known as “The Canaries,” is an English football club based in the picturesque locale of Norwich, Norfolk. It is the 1992-93 Premier League campaign, however, that stands as a beacon of achievement, with Norwich scaling the heights to claim a remarkable third-place finish.

In light of World Mental Health Day, on Tuesday, The club released a message themed on Suicide Prevention. It is indeed an eye-opener and conveys a poignant message to the audience.

Norwich emphasized their commitment by sharing a link to their own mental health resources as well as the Samaritans’ contact numbers. The club expressed their pride in the community work they’re involved in. In a display of solidarity, Norwich even adorned Samaritans’ logo on their shirts for a match against Coventry. The club is presently conducting an auction of these match-worn shirts to support the charity.

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The video portrays two football fans attending games together, taking their usual seats. It underscores the unifying essence of sports, where, for the most part, even rival supporters can bond over shared experiences after the final whistle.

In this video, one of the men, typically more talkative, leads the conversation, displaying concern for his friend’s well-being. He is also enthusiastically engaging in the football experience. Meanwhile, his companion remains subdued, rarely rising to celebrate or getting carried away by the game.

A clever and crucial twist in the video is that the man in the hat, who seemed to be struggling, is not the one facing inner turmoil. Text on the screen conveys the message: “At times, it can be obvious when someone is struggling to cope.” Subsequently, the man in the hat, often reserved, touches the heart of the matter by placing a Norwich City scarf on his friend’s empty seat, removing his hat solemnly. The video concludes with a heartfelt appeal: “But sometimes, the signs are harder to spot. Check-in on those around you.

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Mohammed Bazim
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