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Alejandro Garnacho hits Cristiano Ronaldo’s celebration despite the senior’s advice

Almost half of the current footballers have idolized Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. Everyone tries to copy their playstyle, game approach, and celebration. Similarly, Argentine footballer Alejandro Garnacho has idolized one of them.

Garnacho has idolized Messi, but here is a twist. He loves to perform Ronaldo’s and does it quite often. Last night, in a Premier League game against West Ham United, he scored two goals. After the first goal, he did the iconic Cristiano Ronaldo’s ad board celebration.

But this celebration might hurt one of his seniors. A few weeks ago, one of Garnacho’s seniors gave him advice on celebration.

Angel di Maria advise to Alejandro Garnacho:

“The only thing I wouldn’t do is Cristiano Ronaldo’s celebration. I would score a goal and do it like Messi does it.”

Garnacho did the complete opposite and had a different celebration.

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So far, Alejandro Garnacho has hit multiple celebrations of Cristiano Ronaldo. Siuu, right here right now, nap, and the ad board celebration.

Not only Garnacho, but several footballers love to perform Ronaldo’s celebration after scoring goals. How many more Ronaldo celebrations will Garnacho hit in the upcoming days?

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