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7 Years Of The Incredible Trophy Triumph By Leicester City, The Roar Of The Underdogs

One day, you will lose all hope. Might feel like the job isn’t good enough for you, might deal with some troubled relationship, or might even think that you aren’t good enough, in simple words, you might feel the lowest you have ever felt. And at that time, you should remember the title won by Leicester City in the 2016-17 season, who rose from the ashes, from absolutely nothing. It should give you hope, it should give you another reason to stand up and fight for yourself, and it gives you a reason to ever stop the fight. When darkness was the only thing Leicester City could see, they chose to be the light themselves. 

After Chelsea and Tottenham had a draw, Leicester was announced as the winner of the top flight of England. Christian Fuchs has been an integral part of the team and he elaborated the joy in the dressing room.

“Jamie was crying because he knew he had to move out right away the next day! Because now everybody knew where he was living. The whole town, Everybody was there.

“The emotions, when you see the video right after the final whistle, what happened was insane.

“But it was between crying, screaming, laughing, players on the floor, people on the floor. It was just manic, it was crazy.” Read More- Biggest Transfer News And Rumors for 2nd May 2024

Claudio Ranieri has also been an integral part of the team and this is prominent in his words.

“His calmness, first of all, his understanding for individual needs and situations of players,” Fuchs said when asked what made Ranieri such a special coach.

“He treated you as a player, not just okay, you’re number five, your number 12. Whatever it is, he really took care of us, understanding that if I give my players the freedom off the field, and I trust them, then they will perform better for me on the field.

“It was kept very simple, our football back then was so simple. Basically, protect the goal and kick it long. Find Vardy on the break.

“But this personal level that he really took interest in. Who are you? What’s your family like? Who’s your family? That went a long way with me.”

They overturn a 5000-1 title-winning chance and made history. They not only won their first Premier League title but also made the Underdogs believe that they can be at the top.

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