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The Round of 16 Ramifications for the Soceroos, How can Australia qualify?

Doha: The quest for thirteen is just nine now, with the Netherlands, Senegal, the USA, and England going through to the R16. The matchday today features some of the exciting fixtures of the world cup, Poland vs Argentina and Denmark vs Australia among two others.

Amid the quest for the next round, Where do The Men from Kangaroo Land stand? Can the Socceroos play the next round where they might have to Argentina maybe?

If Australia beats Denmark

The Socceroos currently has three points while Denmark has just one. So, a victory means the former going through to the R16. However, the table position rests on France vs Tunisia. If France wins or draws, Australia on beating Denmark will be 2nd. If France loses and by a good margin of goals, the Socceroos move ahead. France has a goal difference of +5.

If Australia draws against Denmark

Scenario 1: The Socceroos will have 4 points and Denmark 2, meaning that Denmark is out. If France defeats or draws against Tunisia, The Socceroos will move to R16 with 4 points as the table second

Scenario 2: What if Tunisia wins? If Tunisia wins the match against France. The Tunisians and Australia deadlock with 4 points. Tunisia has a better goal difference than Australia and will move to the knockouts.

If Denmark defeats Australia

Denmark’s victory means Australia packs home. The Danes will accumulate four points. e latter has only three points. The fight is then between Denmark and Tunisia if they defeat France. In such a scenario, the goal difference becomes very important.

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