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Keysher Fuller spoils Japan’s Round of 16 Hopes

Doha: Humiliated Costa Rica comebacks from the 7-0 loss to stall Japan an early entry to the World Cup R16. The Herediano club right-back Keysher Fuller scored the lone goal that put the Ricans ahead of the Samurais.

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The Japanese took charge of the match early in the game. they were hellbent on creating chances and scoring. The intentions of Japanese did not go according to plan as the Costa Ricans somehow managed te ball from reaching the post. At half-time, the gaollline remained 0-0. The expectations of yet another goalless draw hung on, but there was indeed a whiff of incoming goal. The thick and tense second half saw the Blue Samurais cutting loose and Costa Rica gaining some action. Yet, the attacking section didn’t seem very poised to get one in.

However, just outside the Japanese box Tejeda nudged a ball to Keysher Fuller. Fuller curled the ball past Gonda’s outstretched arms. Japan kept pushing for a goal but Navas didn’t budge. The Ahmed Ali Stadium stood in awe of the Ricans.

Germany is however getting the most of the Japanese failure. A victory for the Blue Samurais would have meant Germanys’ chances to qualify diminish over time. Costa Ricans moved to third position in the group. Spain is at the top position having a higher goal difference. Japan is at the 2nd position with 3 points but precedes Costa Rica on goal difference of almost +5.

Japan faces champions Spain on their matchday. Costa Rica on the other hand plays against Germany. If Costa Rica can pull off a 2014, Germany will not see R16 in consecutive years.

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