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Who is Tyreek Hill Girlfriend? Know all about Mary Isabel

Tyreek Hill is an American football wide receiver who plays professionally for the National Football League’s (NFL) Miami Dolphins. Born on March 1, 1994, Hill was among the late picks of the 2016 NFL draft. He made an impression on the scouts of the Kansas City Chiefs, who chose him. He has earned the moniker “Cheetah” for his swift and aggressive playing style and is highly renowned for it. In the article lets learn more about Tyreek Hill Girlfriend.

Who is Tyreek Hill Girlfriend, Mary Isabel?

The Kansas City Chiefs player Tyreek Hill is allegedly seeing Miami-based model and painter Mary Isabel. After agreeing to a $120 million, four-year contract with the Miami Dolphins, he was seen partying with her. The two of them were first spotted in the Miami Dolphins franchise plane which Hill boarded along with Isabel. Hill was previously engaged to Instagram beauty Keeta Vaccaro, but it appears that the two have become estranged and called off their engagement.

Mary Isabel Height and Age?

Not much is known about Mary Isabel’s age and she keeps it private. Till now there are very few details about her in the media or on social platforms.

Mary Isabel Net worth?

Mary Isabel is an influencer and Instagram model. She makes money from modeling and she is also a painter. Currently there is no information of her net worth. Tyreek Hill on the other hand is the highest-paid wide receiver ever in the NFL and his net worth shot up after he signed the $120 million deal with the Dolphins.

Mary Isabel do for a living?

She is a social media influencer and Instagram model. Mary is also a painter and handles an Instagram account @designsbymgp, which she uses for her painting business.

How long have Tyreek Hill and Mary Isabel been dating?

Tyreek Hill’s newest rumoured girlfriend is Mary Isabel. The couple was seen travelling and surfing together earlier in March 2022. It has been just over a year now that the two are together. Hill was previously engaged to be married to Keeta Vaccaro but it is supposedly broken off.

How did Tyreek and Isabel meet?

Sources don’t state how and where the couple first met. However Mary was initially spotted alongside Hill when the Dolphins published a video of Tyreek Hill travelling to Florida. On the Dolphin’s private jet, she was seen toasting with him.


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