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Larry Jordan Net Worth 2024, Salary, Sponsorships, Cars, Properties, etc

Larry Jordan is not a basketball player but has a big role in shaping Michael Jordan's career in North Carolina

Larry Jordan is the elder brother of the Basketball cult in Michael Jordan. He not only had a pivotal relationship with the legend but also was responsible for instilling the winning mentality in Michael. Even though not made professional in the world of basketball, Larry Jordan paved the way for Michael in representing North Carolina in Basketball. Here we are going to talk about Larry Jordan Net Worth in 2024.

Larry Jordan Net Worth 2024

Larry Jordan net worth is speculated to be around 2 million dollars in 2024. However, this Net Worth is in no way an accurate figure, as Jordan’s life and profession is not publicly disclosed. Also, it could be a part of Michaels’s wealth, as he is known to keep his family close. Also Read: Jeffrey Jordan Net Worth 2024, Salary, Endorsements, cars, House and Properties, etc

Larry Jordan Salary

There is no information regarding the annual or monthly salary Larry Jordan gets paid, since there is nothing known about his profession, aside from being an important part in shaping Michael Jordan.

Larry Jordan Sponsorship

As Larry Jordan is not a  professional basketball player, it is implausible for him to have an endorsement. However, If he chose the path of stardom, it could have been different given he was one of the best young prospects attracting the attention of many university teams. Also Read: Anthony Davis Net Worth 2024, salary, Endorsements, Cars, Houses, Properties, Etc.

Larry Jordan House and Properties

Being the pivotal part of Michael’s life, Larry probably stays in Michael’s grand Florida mansion, spanning 28000 Square feet and hosting 11 bedrooms. The property located in Jupiter, Florida is part of the elite “The Bears Club”. Also Read: Stephen Curry Net worth 2024, Salary, Endorsements, Cars, Houses And Properties, Etc.

FAQ about Larry Jordan Net Worth and Money:

Ques: What is net worth of Larry Jordan?

Ans: Larry Jordan is speculated to be around 2 million dollars worth.

Ques: Did Larry Jordan play in the NBA?

Ans: Larry had a 44in vertical, but he never made the NBA. So what happened? Michael had a huge growth spurt in high school, but Larry never did.

Ques: What team did Larry Jordan play for?

Ans: His brother, Larry Jordan was also a player for UNC, but for Wilmington, rather than Chapel Hill where MJ played. But because of his diminutive stature (in basketball), Larry never made it to the professional game.

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