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Brittany Renner (PJ Washington Girlfriend) Net Worth 2024, Contract & Salary, Sponsorships, Cars, House & Properties, Etc

She regularly creates fitness content for her thousands of followers on the internet.

Brittany Renner is the love interest of the Charlotte Hornets player PJ Washington. She is a social media influencer, garnering quite a heavy fan following on social media Instagram.  Brittany grew up in Ocean Springs in Mississippi. She regularly creates fitness content for her thousands of followers on the internet. Brittany is also known to be in contact with a wide berth of celebrities, particularly hip-hop sensations, which has helped her leverage her social media popularity to new heights. Now let’s check Brittany Renner net worth 2024, salary, endorsements and other details.

Brittany Renner Net Worth 2024

We estimate the Brittany Renner Net worth is $3 million as of 2024. She has successfully sold her own brand as a social media influencer and fitness fanatic to a loyal group of fans. Also, Brittany’s fitness website sells a wide variety of products, especially sportswear.

Brittany Renner Contract & Salary

As of now, Brittany’s yearly salary is around $0.2 million. She earns almost $1,50,000 annually from her professions. Most of her salary is from brand deals on social media and her personal clothing brand. As a fitness model, she enjoys quite a spectacular salary. Also, she is a YouTube content creator, and her loving fanbase makes sure it is financially rewarding, which further adds to her salary. Also Read: Carlos Sainz Net Worth 2024

Brittany Renner Net Worth Growth

Net Worth in 2024$3.0 Million
Net Worth in 2022$2.8 Million
Net Worth in 2021$2.6 Million
Net Worth in 2020$2.4 Million
Net Worth in 2019$2.2 Million

Brittany Renner Brand Sponsorships

They primarily tied Brittany Renner up with her own fitness brand. Other brands also endorse her through her social media presence. Also, her affair with basketball player P. J Washington has helped grow her appeal to endorsements with companies.

Brittany Renner Cars Collection

The Instagram influencer doesn’t have a car collection of her own. However, her boyfriend, the Hornets star P. J Washington, is known to have quite a speedster gallery. They have snapped her posing with the Range Rover and Porsche Panamera, in a particularly glamorous fashion. Also, they have been seen in a Porsche Cayenne, which adds quite a flavor to the Car Collection.

Brittany Renner House and Properties

Even though he is one of the biggest stars in the NBA, the house and properties they shroud the list of the Hornets player in secrecy. However, there is one apartment known to have been gifted by Washington to his family, based in Charlotte. Also Read: George Russell Net Worth 2024

FAQ about Brittany Renner Net Worth 2024

Q. Who is Brittany Renner net worth?

Ans: Brittany Renner, the famous Internet personality, has amassed a net worth estimated at $3 million through her successful career and various ventures.

Q. Does Brittany Renner have a degree?

Ans: Bachelor of Science – BSBiological and Biomedical Sciences.

Q. How did Brittany Renner get famous?

Ans: Her Instagram consisted of fun and flirty photos showing off her soccer skills and curvy physique. Brittany’s first YouTube fitness video, “Brittany Renner Track Circuit” went viral in 2013 and helped skyrocket her follower count on Instagram.

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