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Gunshots Reported at Joe Mixon House, Juvenile Injured

Joe Mixon's house has recently been placed under police surveillance after reports of a shooting.

Gunshots Heard at Joe Mixon’s House: The home of the famous Cincinnati Bengals player, Joe Mixon, has recently been placed under police surveillance after reports of a shooting surfaced in Anderson Township, Ohio. The shooting occurred on the 6th of March, and the authorities subsequently arrived after gunshots were reported.

Was Joe Mixon involved in the shooting?

Despite the police investigation, much remains uncertain about the event. The details surrounding the number of shots fired and the severity of the victim’s injuries have yet to be determined and revealed. Additionally, it remains unclear whether Joe Mixon himself was involved in the incident. The juvenile victim sustained minor injuries, though the circumstances that led to these injuries remain unknown. In defense of her brother, Mixon’s sister, Shelonda, has publicly stated that he was not involved in the shooting. 

Outcome of the Police Investigation

Throughout the investigation, the deputies closed off the area surrounding the home on Ayers Road with crime scene tape. A neighboring property was also listed as Mixon’s home address in a warrant for his arrest in February 2023, where he was previously accused of pointing a gun at a woman. Nevertheless, the charges against him were eventually dropped. Following the police investigation, the authorities vacated the area without making any arrests. Joe Mixon, is also yet to make a statement regarding the whole incident.

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