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Stephen Curry vs Sabrina Lonescu 3-Point Contest Format

Scoring a 3-pointer is one of the most satisfying and rewarding aspects of basketball. The loudest cheer of the game is often heard when a player scores a 3-pointer. Every NBA and WNBA season has a contest during the All-Star game, and for the first time, an NBA vs. WNBA 3-point challenge is set. It will be a Stephen Curry vs Sabrina Lonescu 3-point contest, and things are expected to be competitive.

Both players are known for scoring three-pointers and have led their respective seasons multiple times. It will be a great contest between them during the All-Star Weekend. Before that, let us look at the Stephen Curry vs Sabrina Lonescu 3-point challenge format.

Stephen Curry vs Sabrina Lonescu 3-Point Contest Format

  • Four ball racks with four games and one “money” ball
  • The 5th rack will be a special “all-money ball.”
  • 2 starry range shots
  • Stephen Curry will shoot from the NBA line with NBA basketballs.
  • Sabrina Lonescu will shoot from the WNBA line with WNBA basketballs.

Shot Values

  • Game ball: 1 point
  • Money ball: 2 points
  • Starry range: 3 points

Which side are you on during the Stephen vs Sabrina 3-point challenge during the 2024-24 All-Star weekend?

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