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Gary Payton II failed physical jeopardises the Warriors’ four-team arrangement.

He was one of the team's top on-ball defenders during the previous season.

According to league sources, Gary Payton II, the Warriors‘ well-publicized trade deadline acquisition, could be sidelined for two to three months after a core muscle problem surfaced during his physical on Friday morning. This puts the four-team deal involving the Warriors, Pistons, Hawks, and Blazers in jeopardy. The Warriors declared him to have failed his physical on Friday, and they now have till Saturday to either proceed with the trade as if he had passed the test technically or to annul it altogether.

Sources claim that Gary Payton was playing through pain in Portland. According to several sources, the Blazers’ training staff had been giving him Toradol shots while encouraging him to push through it. During the negotiation process, the Warriors had not received this information.

Blazers general manager Joe Cronin stated that “player safety is highly essential to us.” “In the league, it’s a really crucial issue. We were using him because he had been cleared and we had faith in his ability to perform while healthy. If we had believed he was unhealthy or in danger, we would not have brought him back. The reports, you know, I think if you knew our clearance procedure was proper, so I will have to rely on that. You trust that we did the right thing, and you trust that our process was correct. Also Read: Boston Celtics vs Charlotte Hornets Prediction and Injury Report

Gary Payton II probably won’t contribute much for the Warriors this year.

Due to a shortage of cap space, Gary Payton II was unable to re-sign with the Warriors during the offseason. He might be able to play this season under Steve Kerr’s coaching, though, with a few roster adjustments. The Warriors may have a chance to strengthen their defence with his signing.

He was one of the team’s top on-ball defenders during the previous season. Despite being only 6-foot-3, Payton II frequently had the duty of guarding the star player on the other team. His defence and his ability to play above the rim were crucial to Golden State’s previous season’s success. Also Read: Brooklyn Nets vs Chicago Bulls Prediction and Injury Report

The Warriors must now decide whether to proceed with this contract that could keep the 2022 Golden State NBA champion inactive for a considerable amount of time. Payton was seen by the Warriors as a win-now addition to strengthen the squad for the stretch run. After this season, Payton will have two years and $17.8 million left on his contract.

The Warriors won’t be able to use him that well if the trade goes through. According to estimates from numerous sources, Payton’s injury could prevent him from playing for three months.

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