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Malika Andrews talks about the excellence of LeBron James in the NBA!

If you are aware of the term ‘aging like fine time,’ NBA superstar LeBron James is a perfect example. Almost every sportsperson’s performances start to decline as they get older. Moreover, a player has rarely been at the top for over two decades. All the above statements completely suit LeBron James.

LeBron holds numerous records in the league and is still going for more. He is among the ‘GOAT conversations’ and is picked by many fans and experts. He is currently 39 years old, and his performances are better than those of several youngsters.

Looking at excellence in the sport, an NBA journalist releases a statement:

Malika Andrews said:

“There has never been somebody that has been this good for this long!”

Undoubtedly, the consistency of LeBron James since his debut has always been at its peak. He recently became the first player in NBA history to score 40,000 or more points in their career. Moreover, he is so fit that he can compete in a few more seasons.

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LeBron James NBA Career

James made his NBA debut in 2003 after getting picked in the NBA draft. He was the first overall pick in the draft and was selected by the Cleveland Cavaliers. In his first NBA season, he averaged 20.9 points, 5.5 rebounds, 5.9 assists, and 1.6 steals per game.

He won the Rookie of the Year award and sealed his place on the first team. Later in the next season, he averaged 27.2 points, 7.4 rebounds, 7.2 assists, and 2.2 steals per game. Since then, his performances have never dipped to the present.

LeBron James career averages are 27.2 points, 7.5 rebounds, 7.3 assists, and 1.5 steals per game. To add more glory, he has competed in 20 seasons.

Undoubtedly, LeBron James is also mentioned during the ‘GOAT conversation, and his legacy in the league is unachievable.

Is LeBron the best player in NBA history? Let us know your views in the comment section.

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