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Toto Wolff talks more about the 2024 season Mercedes W15

The past couple of seasons have been quite average for Mercedes. Even though they finished second and third in the constructor’s championship in two seasons, things have not been good for them. They have only won one Grand Prix, and Lewis Hamilton was not the driver to win them a race. Well, compared to the 2022 season, 2024 was a lot better. But as soon as the season ended, Toto Wolff said something that has shaken every team and F1 fans.

Mercedes Team Principal Toto Wolff said:

“We are completely changing the car because that is the only way we can challenge for both championships!”

Now, when he was asked about the progress of the 2024 season Mercedes W15, this is what he answered:

“We have a different chassis, different aerodynamics, different characteristics, different suspension, and everything that we can change, we change.”

This is quite a warning to their competitors that we are coming with a different Mercedes. Either way, this change will improve the car and give them a chance to fight for the championship. Or else Mercedes would remain in the same place in the championship, or even worse.

The result will be out in February 2024, when every team will be given a chance to test their cars. It would be clear to Mercedes and all their competitors how strong the Mercedes W15 is. For that, we must wait for a while, and till then, let us look at their stats since 2013.

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Mercedes Team Performances Since 2013

Season Constructors Standing Points
2013 Second 360
2014 Champion 701
2015 Champion 703
2016 Champion 765
2017 Champion 668
2018 Champion 655
2019 Champion 739
2020 Champion 573
2021 Champion 613.5
2022 Third 515
2023 Second 409

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