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Six Sprint races to be a part of the F1 2024 season

The 2024 F1 season is going to be one of the best F1 seasons. The reason is that 24 Grand Prix and six sprint races are part of the race calendar. Yes, a total of 30 races are all set for F1 fans. Apart from races, it will be a hell of a contest for the championship. Last season was entirely dominated by Red Bull, but there were four different challengers for the championship. Mercedes, Ferrari, McLaren, and Aston Martin gave their best for the championship, but they couldn’t stop Red Bull and their dominance. Well, with a total of 30 races in the 2024 season, things are going to be a lot more interesting. So, let’s know where all the 24 grand prix and six sprint races are scheduled.

F1 2024 Sprint Race Calendar

A total of six sprint races will take place in the 2024 season.

  1. China: 19-21 April
  2. Miami: 3-5 May
  3. Austria: 28-30 June
  4. USA: 18-20 October
  5. Brazil: 1-3 November
  6. Qatar: 29-1 December

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F1 2024 Season Complete Calendar

A total of 24 races will take place in the 2024 season.

  1. Bahrain: 29 February–2 March
  2. Saudi Arabia: 7-9 March
  3. Australia: 22-24 March
  4. Japan: 5-7 April
  5. China: 19-21 April (Sprint Race)
  6. Miami: 3-5 May (Sprint Race)
  7. Imola: 17-19 May
  8. Monaco: 24-26 May
  9. Canada: 7-9 June
  10. Spain: 21-23 June
  11. Austria: 28-30 June (Sprint Race)
  12. United Kingdom: 5-7 July
  13. Hungary: 19-21 July
  14. Belgium: 26-28 July
  15. Netherlands: 23-25 August
  16. Italy: 30 August–1 September
  17. Azerbaijan: 13-15 September
  18. Singapore: 20-22 September
  19. Austin: 18-20 October (Sprint Race)
  20. Mexico: 25-27 October
  21. Brazil: 1-3 November (Sprint Race)
  22. Las Vegas: 21-23 November
  23. Qatar: 29 November–1 December (Sprint Race)
  24. Abu Dhabi: 6-8 December

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