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Mikal Bridges talks about his favorite dish! Has had it each day for over 10 years

Every sportsperson has a favorite meal that they love to have every day in their diet. Cristiano Ronaldo loves to eat Bacalhau a Bras (a traditional scrambled egg dish), Ronda Rousey loves to eat hot chicken wings, and many more. Most probably, it is a cheat meal that stands out as their favorite dish, but sometimes things can be healthier. Similarly, Brooklyn Nets basketball player Mikal Bridges has revealed his favorite dish.

Mikal Bridges said,

“I have eaten Chipotle every day for more than ten years.”

He also mentioned, “I have friends and family that tease me a little bit about it. It is too fire not to have it every single time.”

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Well, that is a lot of chili. But is that the reason why he has been so hot and fired at the game? No, we are just pulling his leg. For those who don’t know what Chipotle is, we are here for you.

Chipotle is a smoke-dried, ripe jalapeno chili pepper used for seasoning. Most of the Mexican dishes have chipotle in them, and it is spicy. Several people cannot handle the spice that Chipotle has.

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