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McLaren F1 drivers are aiming for another double podium finish at the Qatar Grand Prix

The 2023 Japanese Grand Prix was one of the most eventful grand prix in 2023. The Suzuka circuit witnessed Red Bull winning their 6th Constructors Championship, Perez getting two DNFs in one race, Verstappen’s 13th Grand Prix victory of the season, and a double podium finish for the McLaren F1 team.

After the race, when they went into the cool-down room, Lando Norris said,

Who do you think is next up on the Max Podcast?

Directing to Max Verstappen, 15 podium finishes out of the 16 grand prix this season. Well, Max replied, saying, I don’t even like podcasts.

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Soon after all the championship celebrations and a double podium finish celebration, Both McLaren F1 drivers went on to tweet about the upcoming Grand Prix. Here are the tweets.

And Oscar Piastri replied saying

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The Qatar Grand Prix is two weeks away, and they are confident that they will finish on the podium again. If we look at Lando’s performances in the past few races, he has performed amazingly. Moreover, Piastri, in his first F1 season, impressed everyone and got his first ever F1 podium finish.

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