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Germany basketball team defeats Serbia to win the FIBA World Cup 2024.

It was Dennis Schroder who delivered for the team in the finals.

The Germany basketball team defeated the Serbia basketball team by 83–77 to win the FIBA World Cup 2024. They won their first FIBA World Cup and have shaken the basketball universe. They knocked out the USA in the semi-finals, but this time it was Dennis Schroder who delivered for the team in the finals.

The first and second quarters were a very close battle, as the scores were Germany 47-47 Serbia. It was a neck-to-neck battle between both teams, but things changed in the third quarter.

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First Quarter

The scores were Germany 23-26 Serbia at the end of the first quarter. Franz Wagner from Germany and Aleksa Avramovic from Serbia starred in the first quarter.

Second Quarter

Germany was 3 points behind, and it didn’t take time for them to level the scores. They managed to level the score in the second quarter, which was 47-47. Both teams were giving their very best, and things were getting interesting for the third quarter.

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Third Quarter

Well, things changed completely in the third quarter as Dennis Schroder from Germany took the game into his own hands. Serbia was struggling to score, and Germany took full advantage of the situation. They scored 22 points in the third quarter, whereas Serbia only managed to add 10 points to their side.

Fourth Quarter

Serbia was 12 points behind in the fourth quarter, and they needed to score consistent three-pointers to get ahead of Germany. They started well at the beginning and scored nine points in three quick sessions. It was the last 2 minutes left of the game, and the score was Germany 76–69 Serbia.

The game restarted after a short timeout, and both teams started scoring points. Serbia were 7 points behind, and a foul by Voigtmann gave them a chance to bounce back. Avramovic got three free throws, and he made all three free throws, making the score 78-75. Looking at the situation, Germany took a timeout and made some substitutes.

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Well, the decision turned toward their side, and the Germany Basketball Team won the match 83-77. The reason behind their victory was the last-minute fouls by the Serbian side. Fouls took the game from their hands, and Schroder took advantage by scoring two points out of the two free throws

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