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Bengaluru Bulls VS Bengal Warriors: Nabibakhsh 8 points raid help warriors defeat bulls in a nail-biting encounter

Bengal Warriors avenged their first-round defeat to the Bengaluru Bulls with a one-point victory earlier tonight. It was such a close encounter but the 8 points raid by Iranian all-rounder completely stole the show from the hands of the Bulls. Pawan Sherawat registered his super 10 but in vain. Let’s look at the post-match review of Bengaluru Bulls VS Bengal Warriors for more information.

Bengaluru Bulls VS Bengal Warriors: First half

The Bulls were off to a decent start by leading 5 to 1. But the Bulls back strongly in both raid and defence to reduce the lead to just one. The was pretty slow in the first half with each team trying their best to get on top of each other. Till half time the score was 13 – 14 in favor of Bengaluru Bulls.

Bengaluru Bulls VS Bengal Warriors: Second half

The second half started with Chandran Ranjit removing mighty Abozhar Mighani from the mat. Pawan Sehrawat also came into the party with two points reducing the Bengal Warriors to just 2 defenders. And then to one defender by removing Ran Singh. The first all-out was inflicted in the 24th minute of the game on and the bulls came in lead for the first time. The Bulls were reduced to one man again but then came the drama. Star all-rounder Nabibakhsh went into the raid. He stepped into the lobby and he was out but then all the defenders also stepped into the lobby making it an 8 point raid. Warriors then inflicted an all-out on the Bulls and the match was turned from there. The Warriors defeated the Bulls by one point.

Top Performer

Bengaluru Bulls VS Bengal Warriors: Nabibakhsh 8 Points Raid Help Warriors Defeat Bulls In A Nail-Biting Encounter

Bengaluru Bulls

Best Raider: Pawan Sehrawat (13 points)

Best Defender: Saurabh Nandal (4 points)

Bengal Warriors

Best Raider: Maninder Singh (9 points)

Best Defender: Abozhar Mighani (3 points)

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