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Who is Pablo Gavi Mother? Know all about Gavinin Anasi

Rumours speculated about a relationship between Pablo Gavi's mother and Gerard Pique, but they have proven to be false.

Pablo Gavi is a young Spanish footballer who presently plays for La Liga club Barcelona and the Spain national team as a central midfielder. He has represented Spain at the under-15 and under-16 levels. Gavi is a very promising young player and is best known for his skill of dribbling and accuracy of the pass. However, the young footballer is trending for another reason. Read on to find out all about Pablo Gavi mother, Gavinin Anasi, and her relationship with Gerard Pique.

Who is Pablo Gavi Mother, Gavinin Anasi?

Gavinin Anasi is the mother of the Spanish footballer Pablo Gavi. She is not a public figure and is rarely spotted. Anasi is currently in her 40s, and she is only seen attending her son’s major football matches. In the past, rumours of a relationship between her and a Spanish footballer arose. The rumour stated that Gavinin Anasi was “caught” with the Spanish footballer Gerard Piqué. Also Read: Gerard Pique Net Worth 2023, Salary, Endorsements, Cars, Houses, and Charities

How is Gavinin Anasi Related to Gerard Pique?

The star couple, Gerard Pique and Shakira, have broken up, and rumours arose that he was involved with Gavi’s mother. Recent reports prove that the news is false and that Gavi’s mother, Gavinin Anasi, does not have anything to do with their relationship.

According to some reports, Shakira found out that Pique cheated on her with another woman, and on 2, June, a troll Twitter account reported that the woman who was with Pique was Anasi. The tweet trended all over the internet. However, the Spanish outlet El Periodico contradicted the report. El Periodico claims that the woman with Pique is clearly not Anasi. Because the “controversial woman” is in her 20s and blonde. Anasi is a woman in her 40s, and she is a Brunette. Thus it proves that the news is false.

Pique is also now dating Clara Chía, and he seems happy in his relationship. Therefore Gavinin Anasi and Pique are not related at all.

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