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Max Verstappen and Fernando Alonso have completed every Grand Prix lap in the 2024 season

The 2024 Formula 1 Champion, Max Verstappen, and the El Plan specialist, Fernando Alonso, have competed in all the 1019 Grand Prix laps in the 2024 season. They are the only drivers on the grid who have no DNFs and have completed every lap of the Grand Prix.

So far, 17 Formula 1 Grand Prix have taken place, and the season has already had its champions. Both the driver’s championship and the constructor’s championship were won by Max Verstappen and the Red Bull team, respectively. Well, the only competition this season is for the No. 2 and No. 3 spots.

With the consistency that Fernando Alonso has, he is clearly a top contender to rank in the top 3 spots at the end of the season. Whereas Max Verstappen is already in the top spot and will enjoy their competition.

This is the first time that both Max Verstappen and Fernando Alonso have completed every Grand Prix lap, or else they have always ended up retiring or DNFs at least once in every season. They are also the only drivers on the grid, along with Sergio Perez, who have more than seven podium finishes.

Will Max Verstappen and Fernando Alonso complete every Grand Prix lap by the end of the season in Abu Dhabi? For that, we will have to wait for a few more weeks and witness some more dominance by Red Bull with some competition among other teams.

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Both drivers performance in the 2024 season

Max Verstappen

  • Total Races: 17
  • Points: 433 (crowned champion)
  • Wins: 14
  • Podiums: 16
  • DNFs: Nil

Fernando Alonso

  • Total Races: 17
  • Points: 183
  • Wins: Nil
  • Podiums: 7
  • DNFs: Nil
Grand Prix Max Verstappen Fernando Alonso
Bahrain Grand Prix 1st 3rd
Saudi Arabian Grand Prix 2nd 3rd
Australian Grand Prix 1st 3rd
Azerbaijan Grand Prix 2nd 4th
Miami Grand Prix 1st 3rd
Monaco Grand Prix 1st 2nd
Spanish Grand Prix 1st 7th
Canadian Grand Prix 1st 2nd
Austrian Grand Prix 1st 5th
British Grand Prix 1st 7th
Hungarian Grand Prix 1st 9th
Belgian Grand Prix 1st 5th
Dutch Grand Prix 1st 2nd
Italian Grand Prix 1st 9th
Singapore Grand Prix 5th 15th
Japanese Grand Prix 1st 8th
Qatar Grand Prix 1st 6th

Collectively, they have 23 podium finishes in the current season, which is more than third-quarter among total podiums this season. They both started the season dominating with consecutive podium finishes, but after the summer break, Alonso has found it difficult to get podium finishes.

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