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Manchester United Receives Unconventional Offer: 500 pairs of socks from My.Club

Manchester United has received a rather unconventional offer from a platform called My.Club, reminiscent of OnlyFans, following their 3-0 loss to Newcastle in the Carabao Cup.

The offer from My.Club entails sending over 500 pairs of socks to the Red Devils, as reports surfaced that some players found their official Adidas socks too tight, opting for cheaper replicas instead.

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My.Club, a subscription-based adult platform, proposed to provide comfortable socks to the club, emphasizing the importance of comfort in sports attire. The company’s vice president, Mike Ford, expressed their eagerness to assist Manchester United in addressing their players’ concerns during what has been a disappointing season for the club.

My.Club has been seeking to make inroads into the football world and has previously submitted sponsorship bids to European football clubs like Inter Milan and Chelsea.

Interestingly, both Inter Milan and Chelsea declined their sponsorship offers. As of now, Manchester United has not publicly responded to My.Club’s unique sock proposal.

Notably, it’s not just socks that have been a concern; goalkeeper Andre Onana also voiced discomfort with the Adidas performance model jersey and has opted for a looser fan replica version recently.

This peculiar offer comes on the heels of other football clubs, including Aston Villa and Newcastle, facing issues with their kit manufacturers. While it remains to be seen whether Manchester United will accept the generous sock donation, it serves as an unexpected lifeline in response to their clothing-related complaints during a challenging season.

Mohammed Bazim
Mohammed Bazim
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