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“I decided to leave last summer!” reveals Xavi on his exit as Barcelona manager

The former FC Barcelona legend Xavi joined the club as a manager in 2021. Since then, the club has won two titles under him. One was the 2022-23 La Liga, and the second was the 2022-23 Supercopa. But his journey with Barcelona will end after the 2024-24 season.

His exit from the club at the end of the season was unpredictable. Today, he revealed one more unexpected statement that fans didn’t expect.

Xavi said:

“I decided to leave last summer!”

Here is the complete statement:

“The decision on my resignation has been made for a long time; our work is not valued enough. Honestly, I had decided to leave at the beginning of the season—yes, it was already clear last summer.”

“It was a cruel and unpleasant job. It makes you feel worthless every day.”

“I have the feeling that whatever I do, I won’t be valued. It’s not to do with putting up with the pressure. We came in at a different moment, and I don’t think our work will ever be valued.”

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Did Xavi fail as a Barcelona manager? If not, whom should be blamed?

Xavi was undoubtedly not a failed manager at Barcelona. He guided the club to titles after two long seasons. Barcelona was struggling to win titles, and he guided them to multiple titles.

The 2022–23 La Liga and the 2022–23 Supercopa. He didn’t pass the European title test, but he did achieve what fans wanted. He succeeded and gave his best for the club. But who should be blamed?

Most likely, it is the fans who are to blame because of their expectations. Sports produce a winner and a loser. There are next to zero chances for a team to remain undefeated through a football season. Moreover, Barcelona is going through a financial crisis. Which results in the absence of high-profile players.

Also, after the exit of Lionel Messi and other legends like Jordi Alba, Sergio Bisquet, and Gerard Pique, the team lacked experience. They had a young lineup that needed experience handling pressure situations.

Xavi didn’t fail as a Barcelona manager, but we failed as fans to support and trust his process.

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