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NFL Week 1 Predictions, Know all the picks for Week 1

Chiefs to kickoff their tournament with a victory, Bills to win the closing game.

The National Football League 2023–24 season will start on September 8, 2023. Last year, it was the Kansas City Chiefs who won the Super Bowl by defeating the Philadelphia Eagles. The man behind their success last season was Patrick Mahomes, who was also the MVP of the season. Now, everything is going to start once again: non-stop action, thrilling performances, breathtaking battles, and many exciting moments. So, let’s take a look at the NFL week 1 Predictions and know all the picks for week 1.

NFL Week 1 Predictions

Date Match Time Predictions
8 September Chiefs vs Lions 8:20 pm Chiefs
10 September Browns vs Bengals 1:00 pm Browns
10 September Ravens vs Texans 1:00 pm Ravens
10 September Vikings vs Buccaneers 1:00 pm Vikings
10 September Falcons vs Panthers 1:00 pm Falcons
10 September Commanders vs Cardinals 1:00 pm Commanders
10 September Colts vs Jaguars 1:00 pm Jaguars
10 September Steelers vs 49ers 1:00 pm Steelers
10 September Saints vs Titans 1:00 pm Titans
11 September Broncos vs Raiders 4:25 pm Broncos
11 September Patriots vs Eagles 4:25 pm Eagles
11 September Seahawks vs Rams 4:25 pm Rams
11 September Chargers vs Dolphins 4:25 pm Chargers
11 September Bears vs Packers 4:25 pm Bears
11 September Giants vs Cowboys 8:20 pm Giants
12 September Jets vs Bills 8:15 pm Bills

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Week 1 will be very important for the team, as many young players along with the experienced would love to start their campaign with a victory. Well, losing in week 1 won’t be disappointing either, as many teams can identify their weaknesses as well as their strengths.

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