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Why Indian Cricket Team is Unbeatable in the Home Test Matches? Know all the factors covering their dominance in Home Tests

India was one of the teams that brought test cricket back to life.

India is one of the most Populated Countries in the Whole World. And when asked the question, What Sports do you like the most? Everyone or the other Person’s answer would be Cricket!  A country where most children dream is to be a Cricketer and Representing India at the International Level. Therefore, India is one of the most dominant teams in Cricket. Whether you look at T20i or ODI or Test, The Indian Cricket Team will always be in the Top 3 teams. Whenever an ICC Tournament is about to start many great picks India has the favorable Winner of the event. Though they haven’t won any major ICC Tournaments recently, but have always made it to the Semi-finals Stage.

With the Latest introduction of the ICC World Test Championship, Test Cricket got its crazy back and India was one of the teams that brought test cricket back to life. India made it to the finals of the World Test Championship but ended up on the losing side against New Zealand. Whereas in the second edition, the Team is on its way yet again to play a World Test Championship Final. One of the reasons India made it to the Finals is Dominance in Home Test. So, this article will provide you with Why Indian Cricket Team is Unbeatable in the Home Test Matches. Know all the factors covering their dominance in Home Tests. Also Read: Virat Kohli becomes the 2<sup>nd</sup> Indian & Fastest ever to score 25000 International Runs

Why is Indian Cricket Team Unbeatable in the Home Test Matches?

1. Versatile Batting Line up

The Indian Batting lineup is one of the most versatile batting lineups in test cricket. The team has Aggressive hitters, strike rotators, Defensive batters, and even players who play all of them. Some Prime examples are Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli, and Rishabh Pant. They can give you singles whenever the team needs them, Hit the bowl for four and six, And can even bat at a strike rate of above 100 in test Cricket.  

2. Spin Bowlers

The Indian Cricket Team has one of the best spin bowlers in the World. All of them have the potential to turn the bowl even on the Flat Surface. And as India is known for Rank Turner Pitches in Test, The Indian Spinner makes the most of it. In the Recent Border Gavaskar Trophy, Indian Spinner has made the bowl Spin for more than 5 degrees and has troubled the Australian Batters. Even before the test matches began, they called an Indian spinner who had a similar action to Ravi Ashwin to tackle their biggest Problem. Also Read: Ravi Ashwin Joins the Elite List of 450 Wickets in Test Cricket

3. Pitch Conditions

Yes, when it comes to India, the pitch plays an important role for the team. Most of the Test Match pitches are rank turners and the bowl spins more compared to the other test conditions. Unlike in foreign countries, the pitch favours the spin bowler more compared to the Fast Bowlers. And looking at what the pitch provides, the spin bowler utilizes the best out of it and the result is India winning the match.

4. Tailenders Stroke Play

Over the years, the Indian Batting lineup has faced many ups and downs. From their Openers to middle-order batters. But one thing that India gets saved by the most is their Tailenders who can bat. Whichever Spinner Team India plays can bat and score runs for the team. Ravi Ashwin and Ravindra Jadeja both have scored Centuries as well in tough conditions. Even the Indian Batting lineup did wonders in Australia when Washington Sunder and Shardul Thakur demolished the Pace attack of Australia. They are one of the main reasons for India’s Dominance in Test Cricket.

5. Fans

Yes, the list is incomplete without mentioning the support that the Indian cricketers get. They chant from ball one to the last bowl of innings whenever the Indian Cricket team plays. From chanting the player’s name and India, India! Which encourages the team to give their best for the team. On several occasions, when the Indian team has struggled, the fans have lifted the confidence of the team. Also Read: India Registered Biggest Win Margin in ODI Cricket History 

6. Pressure on the Opponents

Pressure, Pressure, Pressure! It can make you the hero as well as Zero. Facing India in India is one of the toughest jobs for cricketers. The amount of pressure the Opponents have is incomparable. The Star-Studded Indian team has always put their opponents on their knees and every big team finds it difficult to handle the pressure of Facing India.

Apart from the opponent teams, the Indian team is too under big pressure. The pressure to perform every match, win the match, score runs, and pick wickets are always running in the minds of the Player. Because they know that if they don’t perform well, many players outside the squad can replace their position in the team.

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