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Every IPL Season Table Topper since 2008: Know the team with the most first-spot finish in the points table

The Indian Premier League, famously called ‘IPL’, is the biggest cricket tournament in history. All ten teams have the best players, and every game is a heart-stopping thriller. This concludes that there are multiple shuffles in the points table every game. The average team finishes at the bottom. Good teams stay in the middle. On the other hand, the best finish at the top and qualify for the playoffs. So, let us look at every IPL season table topper since 2008.

Every IPL Season Table Topper since 2008

  • 2008: Rajasthan Royals (also lifted the title)
  • 2009: Delhi Daredevils
  • 2010: Mumbai Indians
  • 2011: Royal Challengers Bangalore
  • 2012: Delhi Daredevils
  • 2013: Chennai Super Kings
  • 2014: Kings XI Punjab
  • 2015: Chennai Super Kings
  • 2016: Gujarat Lions
  • 2017: Mumbai Indians (also lifted the title)
  • 2018: Sunrisers Hyderabad
  • 2019: Mumbai Indians (also lifted the title)
  • 2020: Mumbai Indians (also lifted the title)
  • 2021: Delhi Capitals
  • 2022: Gujarat Titans (also lifted the title)
  • 2O23: Gujarat Titans
  • 2024:?

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Nine teams in IPL history have secured the first spot on the points table. Among them, four teams, i.e., the Mumbai Indians, Delhi Capitals, Chennai Super Kings, and Gujarat Titans, have secured the first spot multiple times.

Interestingly, only five times has the table-topper lifted the championship. This concludes that the competitiveness of the IPL is unmatchable.

If we look back at the above list, the Mumbai Indians are the only team that has managed their dominance in the playoffs.

Which team will finish at the top this season? Let us know your views in the comment section.

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