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Who is John Smoltz Wife? Know all about Kathryn Darden

John Smoltz is an American former baseball pitcher for the Atlanta Braves of Major League Baseball. During his last year of 2009, he played with the Boston Red Sox and the St.Louis Cardinals. Before joining these two teams, he was part of the Atlanta Braves and Smoltz was considered as MLB’s 16th pitcher to record 3000 career strikeouts and the fourth pitcher to strike out 3000 batters for one team on April 22, 2008. He participated in a total of 22 MLB seasons from 1988 to 2009 and is the winner of 8 All-Star games. John Smoltz retired in 2009. In this article lets know everything about John Smoltz Wife.

Who is John Smoltz Wife, Kathryn Darden?

John Smoltz was married to Dyan Struble in 1997 and shared four children with her. They broke up after a long time of their marriage and he got remarried to the lovely Kathryn Darden. He has repeatedly mentioned that with the help of Kathryn, he could believe in love once again. Kathryn and Smoltz share two children. Now he has a big family with his loving wife and six children altogether.

How did John Smoltz meet Kathryn Darden?

Smoltz and his Ex. Wife Dyan had a strong relationship going on for many years and the couple was very happy with their children. Due to some personal issues, they broke up, and later Smoltz fell in love with Kathryn. Kathryn and Smoltz went on a blind date and after some time they announced their marriage, on 16 May 2009. Smoltz called her, a “Miracle from God”. 

Kathryn Darden Net worth 2023

Kathryn Darden’s total assets are obscure. While her significant other made a ton of abundance before his retirement as a player. His total assets are assessed to be $60 million.

Kathryn Darden Social Media Presence

There is no Instagram account for Kathryn Darden. Their children’s authority page is located. She and her spouse are undoubtedly fortunate grandparents who frequently appear on their children’s Instagram feeds.

FAQ about John Smoltz Wife

Q. When did Kathryn Darden marry John Smoltz?

Ans. The couple exchanged vows on 16th May 2009

Q. How many children do Kathryn Darden and John Smoltz have together?

Ans. The both are proud parents of two children.

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