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Nav Bhatia Net Worth 2023, Income, Sponsorships, House, Properties, charities,etc

Nav Bhatia is primarily a Hyundai car dealer in the Greater Toronto Area

Bhatia owns a Hyundai dealership in Canada that is one of the best-selling in the country and is a superfan of the Toronto Raptors basketball team. Due to his frequent attendance at Toronto Raptors NBA games, Nav Bhatia has been dubbed “the Toronto Raptors Super Fan“. Currently, he oversees the Superfan Foundation, which he established as a means of spreading unity among the people of Canada and the rest of the world. Now let’s explore Nav Bhatia Net Worth 2023, Income, Properties.

Nav Bhatia Net Worth

Nav Bhatia’s Net Worth is believed to be around $60 million as of 2023. Furthermore, he owns the best Hyundai vehicle in Canada, and car sales alone have enabled him to amass a sizable net worth, making him wealthy. He began working for Hyundai as a car salesman, and the job gave him a lot of success. It was interesting that in his first three months at work, the company had sold 127 cars, which was a record not only for him but for the whole country. Moreover, he made him earn a large amount of money, which gave him a chance to buy a deal for himself. Nav Bhatia’s expected salary is 1.5 million dollars. Also Read: Enes Kanter Net Worth 2023: Salary, Endorsements, House, Properties, Cars Collection, etc.

Nav Bhatia Annual Income

The Nav Bhatia Superfan Foundation was established by Nav Bhatia. A charitable organisation dedicated to raising funds for the construction of basketball courts and camps for children in Canada and around the world. He spends $300,000 of his own money every year to take kids to Toronto Raptors games, the majority of whom are from immigrant homes. Also Check Out: Eddy Reynoso Net Worth 2023, Salary, Endorsements, Cars, Houses, Properties, Etc.

Nav Bhatia Sponsorships

He joined World Vision’s Rise Up! Daughters of India campaign as an official ambassador in 2016. After seeing firsthand the discrimination against women in India, it’s something he’s passionate about. One of his daughters, Tia, was adopted from a local orphanage. However, Nav dreams of a day when bot daughters and sons are treated equally in India. Tim Hortons and Tourism Toronto have both hired him as an influencer.

Nav Bhatia House and Property

“Raptors” is his family’s Wi-Fi password. His entire life is inextricably linked to the professional basketball team in Canada. The Raptors logo and his nickname appear on his vanity licence plate. While he doesn’t have a lot of Raptors memorabilia in his home, which has an indoor pool, theatre room, and elevator, he does have an empty glass case. Moreover, the Larry O’Brien trophy will be displayed in the empty case.

Nav Bhatia Cars Collection

Bhatia is primarily a car dealer in the Greater Toronto Area, owning and operating Mississauga Hyundai and Rexdale Hyundai. Furthermore, in 1984 he began his career by selling automobiles in Canada at the Rexdale dealership. He rose through the ranks of the company’s Canadian sales force and was later promoted to general manager after selling almost 150 cars in four months.

Nav Bhatia Charity & Donations

Bhatia is organising a charity basketball game with DeMar DeRozan, as well as constructing three basketball courts in Malton and also collaborating with World Vision to raise funds for school-aged girls in India. Furthermore, one of his current projects is the construction of 60 washrooms in 20 schools. Also Check Out: Decathlon Group History, Business, Values, And The Story

FAQs About Nav Bhatia Net Worth and Salary:

Q.1 What is the net worth of Nav Bhatia?
Ans: Nav Bhatia is believed to have a net worth of around $60 million as of 2023.

Q.2 Name the foundation introduced by Nav Bhatia?
Ans: The Nav Bhatia Superfan Foundation was established by Nav Bhatia.

Q.3 What is the salary of Nav Bhatia?
Ans: Nav Bhatia’s expected salary is 1.5 million dollars.

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