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Draymond Green slams Dillon Brooks as an “idiot” for reigniting a feud with the Golden State Warriors

The Golden State veteran eviscerated Brooks in a really epic rejoinder, dissecting his pretty surprising words piece by piece.

The star of the Golden State Warriors, Draymond Green, completely dissed Dillon Brooks for his recent attempt at mockery. Even Memphis Grizzlies supporters shared Dray’s opinions about the swingman.

When criticizing Green and the Warriors recently, Brooks made waves by claiming that if Dray hadn’t been playing for the Dubs, no one would have known who he was. The Golden State veteran eviscerated Brooks in a really epic rejoinder, dissecting his pretty surprising words piece by piece.

Draymond Green referred to Brooks as an “idiot” and claimed that he is the reason the Grizzlies will never be able to claim a title.

“If you’ve ever wondered why the Memphis Grizzlies aren’t ready to compete for a championship, look no further than this idiot. They’re counting on this guy to help them win the championship. ‘His game is cool,’ he says. To be honest, that demonstrates how little you know about basketball. And yet you go around talking about dynasties? “The dynasty begins after you, not before you,” Draymond Green explained.

“I’m trying to figure out why people in Memphis like you. Or are you popular in Memphis? That is a more pertinent question. I doubt your teammates like you.” Also Read: Jayson Tatum 30 points lead the Celtics past the Trail Blazers and snap their three-game skid

Currently, Brooks is a key member of the team. His scoring, rebounding, and assist totals are 14.4, 3.2, and 2.5 respectively. Despite Brooks’ attempts, it disappointed Draymond Green with his performances, and believes that Memphis won’t advance with a player like him on the club. In his criticism of the Grizzlies guard, Green even referred to Brooks as an idiot.

Draymond Green has a tendency of picking fights

It is well known that Draymond Green picks fights with his rivals or even his teammates. Green and Jordan Poole, one of his teammates, shook hands earlier this season. And naturally, Draymond has made it a point throughout his career to outplay his opponents psychologically by getting under their skin throughout the entire game. Also Read: LeBron James praises his son Bronny’s basketball skills, over some NBA players in the league right now

Draymond Green claims that his motives are always good, but his actions are not well-received by the majority of people. As a result, fans of other teams besides the Golden State Warriors dislike him. The NBA Finals game between the Warriors and Boston Celtics from the previous year serves as an excellent illustration.

Actually, some claim that Draymond Green actually possesses good moral character. He’s one of the kindest men when it comes to life outside of basketball. Regrettably, given how frequently the media exposes his narcissistic mentality, few people are aware of this behavior.

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