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Bulls sidelines PG Lonzo Ball, due to persistent knee pain, will miss the entire season

The playmaker's recovery from surgery was unfortunately insufficient, since he hasn't been able to take part in basketball exercises this season.

The NBA has some of the best playmakers, including Lonzo Ball. Regrettably, in the 2022–23 season, the 6-foot–6 guard hasn’t appeared in a single game for the Chicago Bulls. Ball has had a left knee problem for a long time, but he hasn’t been able to get better. As a result, Shams Charania reports that the Bulls will probably bench the 25-year-old for the rest of the year.

Lonzo Ball averaged 13.0 points, 5.4 rebounds, and 5.1 assists per game in 35 games with the Bulls. Additionally, he has made significant progress in his 3-point shooting, making 42.3% of his long-range attempts.

Bulls vice president Arturas Karnisovas said in a statement that “despite making substantial improvements in strength and function over the previous several months. During participation in high level basketball-related activities, Ball continues to experience performance-limiting discomfort. “Ball won’t play again this season due to the amount of time needed to get back to the level of fitness needed to play again and the NBA season’s current stage. Ball’s attention will be on finding a solution to his suffering and making a full recovery in time for the 2023–24 season.” Also Read: Atlanta Hawks fire head coach Nate McMillan

A season-ending suspension for Lonzo Ball is anticipated.

The youthful playmaker has played in just 35 of the 141 regular-season games since being dealt to the Bulls. Since playing his final game for the Bulls on January 14, 2021, he has been battling knee problems.

In the offseason, the five-year NBA veteran underwent knee surgery. The playmaker’s recovery from surgery was unfortunately insufficient. Since he hasn’t been able to take part in basketball exercises this season.

The Chicago Bulls are anticipated to bench Lonzo Ball for the remainder of the campaign, according to Shams Charania. The point guard reportedly still experiences knee stiffness and discomfort after surgery, according to an NBA insider.

No specific date has been given for Lonzo Ball’s return. Yet given everything he’s been through lately, he might not be prepared for the 2023–24 season to begin either. Also Read: “Just play man,” Anthony Edwards smashes NBA players for sitting and resting while fans pay loads of money to come and watch them

Who all are replacing Lonzo “PG” Spot?

Following Lonzo Ball official injury, the Bulls strengthened their point guard position by adding Patrick Beverley on Tuesday and dismissing centre Tony Bradley to make a place for him. As the squad makes a push for the playoffs, the team is hoping that Beverley can infuse some energy into the locker room and contribute some production at point guard to fill up for Ball’s absence.

On his podcast on Tuesday morning, Beverley stated, “The Bulls have been after me the last two of years.” “I reasoned that I could use the Bulls as a springboard for the playoffs at this point. Do you feel how weak the East is? Many people migrated to the West, not to disparage those from the East. I’m thrilled, I’m thrilled.”

According to sources speaking with ESPN, the Bulls also dismissed two-way player Malcolm Hill on Tuesday and plan to sign forward Terry Taylor to a two-way contract.

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