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Every UFC Double Champion in history

Every MMA fighter’s dream is to compete in the Ultimate Fighting Championship, also known as the UFC. It is not only the biggest MMA ring in the world, but the best fighters around the world compete here. There are a total of nine divisions for male fighters and four divisions for female fighters in the UFC. It is the dream of every fighter around the world to represent their country and win the UFC Championship. Well, some become champions, and there are a few who have become double champions. So we are here to provide you with every UFC double champion in history. Let’s not wait any longer and take a look at the below-mentioned list.

Every UFC Double Champion in history

  1. Conor McGregor (UFC featherweight and UFC lightweight champion)
  2. Daniel Cormier (UFC light heavyweight and UFC heavyweight champion)
  3. Amanda Nunes (UFC bantamweight and UFC featherweight champion)
  4. Henry Cejudo (UFC flyweight and UFC bantamweight champion)

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Every UFC Double Champion in history

1. Conor McGregor

The Irish mixed martial artist, Conor McGregor, is the first UFC fighter to be a UFC double champion. Conor McGregor was the UFC featherweight champion and the UFC lightweight champion at the same time. He defeated Chad Mendes to win the UFC featherweight championship and Eddie Alvarez to become the UFC lightweight champion.

2. Daniel Cormier

A few years later, in 2018, the American mixed martial artist, Daniel Cormier became the second double champion in UFC history. He was the UFC Light Heavyweight Champion and the UFC Heavyweight Champion simultaneously.

Not only did he win both championships, but he also defended them against the respective divisions. He won the UFC Light Heavyweight Championship by defeating Anthony Johnson. Whereas, to become the UFC heavyweight champion, he defeated Stipe Miocic.

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3. Amanda Nunes

The next fighter on the list is a female fighter, Amanda Nunes. She is the only female fighter to be a double champion in UFC history. She was the UFC bantamweight champion and the UFC featherweight champion at the same time.

Amanda Nunes also defended both titles multiple times and retired from MMA as a double champion. She only lost two fights in her UFC career, and one of them was when she was the UFC bantamweight champion.

4. Henry Cejudo

The fourth fighter in UFC history to become a double champion is Henry Cejudo. He was the UFC flyweight champion and the UFC bantamweight champion simultaneously. He defeated Demetrious Johnson to become the UFC flyweight champion, and to become the UFC bantamweight champion, he defeated Marlon Moraes.

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