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The Premier League 2024-24 season has come full circle, anyone can beat anyone!

The Premier League 2024-24 is undoubtedly one of the best seasons in history. This season has witnessed everything, and there is less difference in points between the top five teams. Few teams have been dominant in the season but have also tasted defeat at least once. One of the most interesting facts is that all 20 teams have lost one game, and anyone can beat anyone. Now, you may have thought, How? So let us look at how the current Premier League season has come full circle.

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Premier League 2024-24 season: Anyone can beat anyone!

  • Manchester City defeated Brighton (2-1).
  • Brighton defeated Newcastle United (3-1).
  • Newcastle United defeated Arsenal (1-0).
  • Arsenal defeated Bournemouth (4-0).
  • Bournemouth defeated Burnley (2-1).
  • Burnley defeated Luton (2-1).
  • Luton defeated Everton (2-1).
  • Everton defeated Crystal Palace (3-2).
  • Crystal Palace defeated Manchester United (1-0).
  • Manchester United defeated Brentford (2-1).
  • Brentford defeated West Ham United (3-2).
  • West Ham United defeated Nottingham Forest (3-2).
  • Nottingham Forest defeated Chelsea (1-0).
  • Chelsea defeated Tottenham Hotspurs (2-1).
  • Tottenham Hotspurs defeated Liverpool (2-1).
  • Liverpool defeated Aston Villa (3-0).
  • Aston Villa defeated Fulham (3-1).
  • Fulham defeated Sheffield United (3-1).
  • Sheffield United defeated Wolves (2-1).
  • Wolves defeated Manchester City (2-1).

As a result, the Premier League 2024-24 season has come full circle because anyone can beat anyone!

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