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The Detroit Pistons set the NBA record for 27 straight losses

The 2023–24 NBA season saw several thrilling and action-packed performances by the teams. From close winning margin games between the Cavaliers and Nets to big winning margin games between the Pacers and Wizards, from high-scoring contests between the Hawks and Knicks to low-scoring games between the Raptors and Timberwolves. While all of this was happening, the Detroit Pistons were on their way to setting an NBA record that no team in their history wanted.

The Pistons lost 27 consecutive games in the 2024–24 season and set the NBA record for most straight losses in a season. Earlier, it was the 76ers and Cavaliers with 26 straight losses each during the 2013–14 and 2010–11 seasons, respectively.

So far, the Detroit Pistons have played 30 games, and among them, they have won only two. The rest of the 28 games have ended up on the losing side, including the 27-game losing streak. Whom should we blame? Is it the coaching staff or the players? What has gone so wrong that the team holds a record no one wants? Do let us know your views on the Pistons 2024–24 season.

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The most consecutive losses in an NBA season

  1. Detroit Pistons: 27 (2023-24)
  2. Cleveland Cavaliers: 26 (2010-11)
  3. Philadelphia 76ers: 26 (2013-14)
  4. Vancouver Grizzlies: 23 (1995-96)
  5. Denver Nuggets: 23 (1997-98)
  6. Charlotte Bobcats: 23 (2011-12)

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