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“Shai Gilgeous Alexander is the best guard in the world!” says ESPN sportswriter

Shooting Guard and Points Guards are one of the positions while playing basketball. They play a crucial role on the team, as they do most of the plays and shooting. Not only that, they also defend the opponents and try to steal the ball from them. Stephen Curry, Luka Doncic, and Devin Booker are some of the names that pop into our minds when we talk about guards. Similarly, Oklahoma City Thunder’s guard Shai Gilgeous Alexander (SGA) is one of them.

Currently, SGA is one of the best guards in the league. There are several other guards in the league, but he has something special. Last season was one of his best NBA seasons, and he has carried the same momentum in the 2024–24 season. Looking at his impressive performances, an ESPN sportswriter believes there should be talk about him being the best guard in the world.

ESPN sportswriter Zach Lowe said:

“Shai Gilgeous Alexander is the best guard in the world!”

Here is the complete statement:

“The steadiness radiates from Shai Gilgeous Alexander, zooming past the all-NBA conversation and starting a new one about whether he is the best guard in the world.”

The growth of SGA from his debut season to the present has been magical. He averaged 10.8 points, 0.5 blocks, and 1.2 steals per game. In the past couple of seasons, he has averaged over 31 points per game, almost 1 block, and 2 steals per game. If he performs consistently with such stats and a championship record in the upcoming years, he will surely be crowned the best guard in the world.

Now, it is easier to say that Shai Gilgeous Alexander is one of the best guards in the world. But we can start conversations about his progressive journey in the NBA.

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Shai Gilgeous Alexander NBA Career Stats

Year Team Games played Points per game Rebounds per game Assists per game Blocks per game Steals per game
2018-19 Clippers 82 10.8 2.8 3.3 0.5 1.2
2019-20 Thunders 70 19.0 5.9 3.3 0.7 1.1
2020-21 Thunders 35 23.7 4.7 5.9 0.7 0.8
2021-22 Thunders 56 24.5 5.0 5.9 0.8 1.3
2022-23 Thunders 68 31.4 5.5 5.5 1.0 1.6
2023-24 Thunders 34 31.5 6.4 6.4 0.7 2.4

(Note: The 2024-24 season stats are as of January 9, 2024.)

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