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Rodrygo shares his father-son relationship with Luka Modric

Over the past season, we have seen Real Madrid rope in youngsters in their squad. Youngsters like Vini Jr., Camavinga, Bellingham, Guler, Rodrygo, and many more have performed incredibly well for the club. On the other hand, players like Casemiro, Benzema, Marcelo, and Varane have been transferred to other clubs. But the Croatian footballer, Luka Modric, is still in their squad and grooming the youngsters quite well.

Modric has shared a great bond with everyone on the squad, especially with Rodrygo. He calls him son, and in return, Rodrygo calls him dad. After a lot of questioning and answering, here is what the Brazilian youngster answered.

Rodrygo said,

“When Luka Modric found out that my father was 35 (in 2019), he didn’t believe me. He then told me that I had to respect him because he could have been my father. Since then, he calls me son all the time, and I call him dad.”

Modric is almost the age of Rodrygo’s dad, and as a result, he is like a father to him. To be honest, Rodrygo is blessed to have parents like his biological father and Modric. One has supported his entire football journey since day one, and the other has groomed him since day one at Madrid.

Both are top-quality players and have helped Real Madrid in significant ways by winning them games and multiple championships.

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Real Madrid honors since 2019

(Since the father-son connection)

  • 2x La Liga (2019-20 and 2021-22)
  • 2x Spanish Supercup (2019-20 and 2021-22)
  • UEFA Champions League (2021-22)
  • UEFA Super Cup (2022)
  • FIFA Club World Cup (2022)
  • Copa del Rey (2022-23)

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