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Know the story of Harry Kane and his hotel stay charges of over €1 million

As we all know, Harry Kane moved from Tottenham Hotspurs to Bayern Munich during the 2024 window transfer. Bayern got a great player in the form of Kane, and he got the much-needed transition of his life. Well, nobody knew that they would have to spend €11,000 per night the day he joined them. For your information, this isn’t his contract earnings; this is his hotel stay charge for a day.

Now let’s know the story of how the hotel stay charges went over €1 million.

Bayern Munich was a new club to him, and as a result, he had no place to stay. Moreover, most of his households and properties are in England, which is far away from Germany. As a result, he had to stay in a hotel, and his charges were around €11,000 per night.

Well, he didn’t stay at the hotel for a few days or weeks, but for more than 100 days. Later, after a total of 111 days, he finally got a house to stay in Germany. This is the same house where the French footballer Lucas Hernandez used to live.

As a result, the total charges for a hotel stay of 111 days went over €1,221,000. This is the story of Harry Kane and his hotel stay charges of over €1 million.

Well, the charges paid by Bayern Munich are totally worth it. The reason is that he has represented the club in 18 games so far and has scored 22 goals with 7 assists. Kane is also one of the leading players who has a chance to win the upcoming Ballon d’Or. Do let us know your views on the performance of Kane with Bayern and whether he will win the Ballon d’Or.

Harry Kane’s Stats with Bayern Munich

League Appearances Goals Assists
Bundesliga 12 18 5
Champions League 5 2 2
DFL-Supercup 1

(Note: The above stats are as of November 2024.)

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