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12 different positions in 13 games for the Vikings player Josh Metellus

The NFL is one of the most competitive and strategic sports. Every team needs to be on point with their planning and playing positions. One mistake can cost them the game, and Minnesota Vikings player Josh Metellus is a perfect example. In the 2024 season, he has played in 12 different positions in 13 games and has stood like a wall in defense. Yes! 12 different positions in 13 games. Before we talk about his performances, let us look at all the positions where Josh Metellus played.

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Josh Metellus Positions Played in the 2024–24 Season

  1. Strong Safety
  2. Free Safety
  3. Left Cornerback
  4. Right Cornerback
  5. Slot Cornerback
  6. Left Inside Linebacker
  7. Right Inside Linebacker
  8. Middle Linebacker
  9. Left Outside Linebacker
  10. Right Outside Linebacker
  11. Right Defensive End
  12. Left Defensive Tackler

As of now, he is the only player in the 2024 NFL season to play in more than 10 positions. But why? Because many of their defensive players are injured, and looking at his form, he is one of the best defensive players on the Vikings side. Whichever position he has played in, he has given his best and is having the best NFL season of his career. Here are his career stats.

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Josh Metellus’s Career Stats

Season Team Games Played Total Tackles Sole Tackles Forced Fumbles Fumble Recoveries Interception
2020 Vikings 15 9 8 1
2021 Vikings 16 13 8
2022 Vikings 17 42 33 1
2023 Vikings 13 88 54 4 1 1

(Note: The 2024 season stats are as of week 13.)

We can clearly see what he has done in the past three seasons; he has done better than that in the 2024 season. On the other hand, the Minnesota Vikings have won seven but lost six games. They are still in the hunt for the playoffs, and if they qualify, Metellus will be one of the main stars in their successful campaign.

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