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MLB waivers explained

There are various terms in the MLB that are quite difficult to understand and a bit confusing as well. That is why we are here with an article on MLB waivers explained.

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MLB waivers explained

In simple terms, waivers mean putting a player on the market where all 29 teams can have a chance to claim the player. The reason why teams want to put a player on the waiver list is because they want to remove the player from the 40-man roster or send him to the minor league.

When a player is put on waivers, he stays there for 47 hours. Whether other teams claim him or not, he is on waivers for 47 hours.

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During those 47 hours, every other 29 teams can claim the player. If he is not selected, he may join a team in the minor league or will be out for the season. But if multiple teams claim the player, things get complicated.

The preference is always given to the team with the worst win record in the present league, which wins the claim. Soon, the player can join the team and represent them in the upcoming games or season.

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