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5 Easiest Ways to Make Payments from your Phone in 2022

Security is a huge concern in the online payment industry. A user needs to make sure about reliable and trustworthy services.

Making payments from your phone is easier than ever. We live in an age where you don’t necessarily have to take money out with you. As long as you have your phone with you, you can make payments.

This is true whether you want to use mobile payment apps and simply flash your phone to make the payment or whether you are looking to send money from an app to split a bill or send money you owe.

Security is another huge consideration. You need to make sure you are only using reliable and trustworthy services.


UPI is a secure way to pay. If you are looking to find a UPI casino in India, you will see that there are actually quite a few options out there as casinos have become even more popular throughout the country. The technology is used to make payments on a vast number of e-commerce platforms and other transactions.

Many other countries have their versions of this, but the UPI is unique to India. Unified Payments Interface allows you to use connections to several different banks and route the funds to the required merchant. It also uses a “P2P” collect request which helps you to schedule payments.

UPI is safe, secure and convenient to use all over India. Many apps include the UPI payment system for ecommerce payments.

Apple Wallet

Apple Wallet is a way for iPhone users, and users of other Apple devices, to be able to make payments from their phone.

In the words of the Apple India website, you can use “credit and debit cards, driver’s license or state ID, transit cards, event tickets, keys, and more — all in one place”.

This means that it isn’t a payment platform in itself. You don’t put any money into your Apple Wallet. Instead, you can link other credit and debit cards and other forms of cards and ID. If you have tickets for the upcoming World Cup, you may even be able to store these on your phone, and you can certainly store your airline tickets ready for travel.

An Apple Wallet is just like any other app on your phone. You just have to open it, or even use a gesture on your phone to use your tickets and cards. The easiest way to make payments is to link it to your credit or debit card, then you can use this to pay instead of physically carrying the card.


A PayPal account is a very good way to make payments, and though its uses in India aren’t quite as extensive as elsewhere in the world, it is a really convenient way to pay through a variety of different cards and accounts.

Online banking

Some of the Indian banks offer online banking services which allow you to view your bank balances, access your money and send payments as required. You may be able to pay businesses in this way, but it is also convenient for sending payments to your friends and setting up recurring payments to pay your rent, bills and other payments.

You need to check with your own bank what their process is for online banking. Some have apps that are much more fluid and easy to use than others.

Google Pay

Google Pay may be seen as the Andriod solution to Apple Pay on an iPhone or Apple device. It can be used on Android devices.

Google Pay can be used across India and it is relatively straightforward to send payments to friends and family. You simply need to download and open the Google Pay app and set up methods of paying, either through a debit card or transferring money to your Google Pay account.

You can simply search for a contact based on their name, email, phone or a unique QR code they are allocated. Tap pay and enter the amount you need to send. They then get instructions on how they can receive the payment. They must accept it for the payment to actually go through, and they have a week to do so.


Making payments from your phone has become a lot easier, and some people can even use other devices such as Apple Watches to make payments.

Using Apple Wallet, UPI or any of the other methods listed on this guide are secure, just make sure you are always using the correct account details to send the payment to the person it was intended for.

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