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Teams with most consecutive defeats in T20I

Imperfect cricket season exists. That indeed sounds perfectively negative. But are defeats really a negative thing? Without a defeat, did one actually learn anything? No! So defeats on a roll are not really that bad to talk about except for someone who actually experienced it. There exist consecutive wins in T20 International. There is undoubtedly a record of teams with the most consecutive defeats in the T20I. Let us have a look at the list below.

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List of Teams with most consecutive defeats in T20I:

# 16 defeats

Zimbabwe tops the list of most consecutive defeats in T20 International with super 16 defeats. The country recorded this number playing from 03/05/2010 at Providence Stadium to 03/03/2013 at Sir Vivian Richards Stadium.

#12 defeats

Bangladesh finds its name in many lists, and it is one of them. It managed to secure the spot playing from 15/09/2007 at Newlands to 05/05/2010 at Kensington Oval.

#11 defeats

Nigeria played from 19/10/2019 at Sheikh Zayed Stadium to 15/09/2021 at Entebbe Cricket Oval to rank 3rd on the list. Zimbabwe is on a shared spot that it got playing from 20/06/2016 at Harare Sports Club to 23/06/2019 at Hazelaarweg.

# 9 defeats

The United Arab Emirates played from 25/02/2016 at Shere Bangla National Stadium to 18/01/2017 at Dubai International Cricket Stadium for landing on this list. Zimbabwe again finds itself on the list for playing from 09/03/2020 at Shere Bangla National Stadium to 21/04/2021 at Harare Sports Club.

# 8 defeats

Sri Lanka secures its spot playing from 06/04/2017 at R Premadasa Stadium to 24/12/2017 at Wankhede Stadium. New Zealand, Gibraltar, and Bangladesh seem to be good friends with UAE considering their love for scoring 8 defeats.

# 7 defeats

Hong Kong enacted from 05/10/2019 at Al Amerat Cricket Ground Ministry Turf 1 to 21/10/2019 at Sheikh Zayed Stadium. Scotland played from 04/08/2008 at Civil Service Cricket Club to 11/02/2010 at Dubai International Cricket Stadium. There is an extensive list of teams with 7 consecutive defeats, including Botswana, Sri Lanka, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Norway, Kenya, Canada and some repeating.

# 6 defeats

Pakistan is a team that is here to stay, whether it is about winning or losing. It took part from 05/09/2010 at Sophia Gardens to 28/12/2010 at Seddon Park. Bangladesh is following the footsteps of its old self to make to the list multiple times by engaging from 26/07/2012 at Sportpark Westvliet to 11/05/2013 at Queens Sports Club. Some teams do not learn and are stuck in the cycle, like United Arab Emirates, Serbia, Cayman Islands, Estonia, Zimbabwe, Netherlands, Bermuda, Guernsey, Vanuatu, New Zealand, West Indies, and Hong Kong. All have 6 defeats.

Remember, the positions are not final, considering the matches are ongoing.

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